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2018 Winter Apparel Drive is a Success

“Tis the season to be jolly" as we gather together to celebrate the beautiful Christmas time of year. As red and green lights illuminate our town and listen to the music of a baby who was born in a manger, we get a little pep back in our step. Christmas time is one of giving and that’s exactly what SLV Health is all about. With the help of Conejos County EMS, we teamed up to gather winter apparel to help our local friends and family members who might need a little more warmth this time of year.

Weiss Dry Cleaning staff members, Conejos County EMS, and SLV Health Team members pose in front of the mountain of donated items during the hand-off

Over 270 coats, 70 hats and several pairs of gloves and scarves were donated from staff members, their families and a few others from the community at our various locations. With the spirit of giving, Weiss Dry Cleaning (located in Alamosa at 627 Main Street) generously offered their services for free to help clean and bag all the winter apparel for distribution. “Each of our staff members were excited to help out! Every time more winter apparel was dropped off to be cleaned, our staff found joy in getting them ready, knowing they were able to help out the community,” stated Dan Marquez, owner of Weiss Dry Cleaning.

Weiss Dry Cleaning staff members, Conejos County EMS, and SLV Health worked hand in hand to help make our 2018 winter apparel drive a success. “It was marvelous to see the amount of support from our communities that came together to lend a helping hand to those that need it most. With everyone’s generosity and kindness, we were able to warm the hearts and hands of many of our community members,” stated Ernest Abeyta, Cone jos County EMS Director.

All the winter apparel was distributed Tuesday & Wednesday, December 4th & 5th (based on need) between Conejos County DSS, Costilla County DSS, La Puente, Pals, and the La Jara Food Bank. “This mountain of coats is a testament to the cohesiveness of the community and the hospital working hand in hand to support those around us,” stated Dr. Ted Lin, Emergency Department Doctor at Conejos County Hospital.  He added, “It’s heartwarming to know that we are able to provide quality medical care, as well as be of assistance to the community in other ways.”