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New Orthopedic Technology Benefits Patients Needing Knee Replacement Surgery in the SLV

navigation assisted knee surgery

The Orthopedic Surgical Team at San Luis Valley Health added a computer navigation system which enhances the surgeon’s location skills as a guide during surgery.

The new equipment is the latest in the field and is well tested. It is called OrthAlign, and SLV Health Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Jason Defee has been extremely pleased, often using it for Total Knee Replacements (TKR). “This technology validates my skills, keeps the surgery focused, and increases accuracy and efficiency by using computer navigation. With navigation technology, it is like having another professional assistant with every surgery,” commented Defee.

Dr. Defee has participated in studies to monitor short and long-term outcomes of patients who have had this navigation-assisted surgery. SLV Health is continuing that effort moving forward by contributing data to a study about the benefits of having TKR. SLVH is proud to participate in this volunteer study, as patient satisfaction and improving quality of life are goals of the leadership and team members. OrthAlign technology acts like a GPS system for surgeons, using micro-sensors like accelerometers and gyroscopes to provide real-time data during knee replacement surgeries, ensuring accuracy and alignment. All of this happens in a phone-like device that sits in the surgeon’s hands and on their surgical instruments.

SLVH is a Trauma Level 3 facility which means that traumas to bones, such as fractures and dislocations, can be treated at SLV Regional Medical Center Emergency Department 24/7. The SLV Health surgery team has received the highest rating in the state for patient safety in the past two years by HealthGrades.