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2018 Years of Service

Staff celebrating 5 Year Anniversaries at the Years of Service Luncheon

San Luis Valley Health honored employees at the annual Years of Service Ceremonies to recognize SLV Health employees reaching their 5-year and 10+-year service milestones. The engagement and excitement from employees is always heartening and it once again provides the opportunity to recognize the valuable work, coupled with thanking employees for their dedication and service to San Luis Valley Health and our San Luis Valley community. SLV Health at their 10 Year Anniversary MarkStaff Celebrating 15 Years at SLV Health

The first event, a luncheon to recognize employees reaching their 5-year mark, was held on January 30th at the Grizzly Conference Center. The following evening at Adams State University, a reception was held, followed by dinner and awards ceremony to celebrate those achieving 10+ years. Altogether, we are honoring 87 employees and 775 years of service!Staff celebrating 20 Years at SLV Health

Lorraine Cummings of the SLV Health, OB/GYN Clinic (left) celebrates 30 years and Zina Horton, of the SLV Health Emergency Department celebrated 35 Years

Thank you to everyone honored this year for your longevity and dedication to making SLV Health’s mission possible. “To be a Premier, Fully Integrated Rural Health Care System Providing Exceptional, Patient-Centered Services to the San Luis Valley”. Thank you also to the SLV Health Events Planning Committee for all the hard work and for your help in making both events possible.

35 Years

Zina Horton - Emergency Room

30 Years

Lorraine Cummings - OB/GYN Clinic

20 Years

Eileen Lujan - Surgery

Eileen Maestas - Coding

Leana McCarroll - Radiology

Terri Padilla - PT – OP

15 Years

Kelly Bleakney - Emergency Room

Brent Lehto - Laboratory

Evelyn Martinez - Radiology

Jackie Martinez - Emergency Room

Shannon Muniz - Med/Surg

Cynthia Pacheco - CCH Acute

Pamala Stephens - Patient Accounting

Sarah Herrera - Surgery

Melissa Trowbridge - Laboratory

Ana Vega - CCH Acute

Brenda Vigil - Pathology

10 Years

Melissa Escheman - Surgery

Kristi Espinoza - Medical Records

Kary Etter - Admissions

Soleste Fisher - ICU/CCU

Elizabeth Flores - Environmental Services

Patricia Gallegos - Surgery

Kendra Hansen - Chiropractic

Janeen Hawkins - La Jara RHC

LaNae Holman - Radiology

Kimberly Jordan - Alamosa Ambulance

Colleen Kaiser - Surgery

Diann Martinez - Cardiology

Pauline Martinez - Admissions

Jake Mellott - Monte Vista PT

Crystal Peterson - CCH Acute

Mary Rice - Laboratory

Dr. Kevin Rice - Occupational Medicine

Helen Ross - Patient & Family Services

Liza Strandberg - Finance

Alan Taylor - Anesthesiology

Bernadette Valdez - Clinic Radiology

Reyes Vasquez - Plant Operation

Anita Vigil - Family Practice Clinic

5 Years

Cody Adelman - Emergency Room

Myra Atencio - Grounds

Grace Avila - Gen. Surg. Clinic

Carlyn Beiriger - Gen. Surg. Clinic

Deborah Braly - Surgery

Bethany Caton - ENT Clinic

Brian Covert - OT - OP

Nenita Covert - PT - OP

Aaron Crowther - Anesthesiology

Clint Crowther - Ortho Clinic

Dr. Olivier de Raet - Hospitalist

Dr. Orlando DeHerrera - MV PS Clinic

Jim Fleming - Administration

Renee Gallegos - Antonito RHC

Crystal Gardunio - Admissions

April George - Pediatrics Clinic

Mark Gonzales - Grounds

Ressa Gonzales - Phys Services

Glenn Graham - Surgery

Dr. James Grigsby - Cardiology

Stephanie Guillen - Gen. Surg. Clinic

Maria Khoketkham - Nutrition Services

Kella King - ICU/CCU

Mark Lara - Nutrition Services

Suzanne Larson - OB/Postpartum

Andriana Lovato - Patient Accounting

Sonja Lunt - Phys Services

Matthew Martinez - Materials Management

Suzanne McClanahan - Cash Posting

Cathy McCurdy  -MV PS Clinic

Quinten Norris - Med/Surg

LaToya O'Cana - Alamosa Ambulance

Keenan O'Keefe - Radiology

Isaac Phelps - Cash Posting

Lisa Pintor - OB/Postpartum

Patricia Rael - Oncology Clinic

Janet Riddell - Medical Records

Mallory Riggenbach - Emergency Room

John Rydgren - Alamosa Ambulance

Nicole Sandoval - Med/Surg

Martha Schwab - Med/Surg

Victoria Sisneros - Emergency Room

Terese Sowards - Family Practice Clinic

Dr. Patrick Thompson - ER Physician

Patti Thompson - Administration

Valerie Tymitz - Family Practice Clinic

Dr. Mugabe Walker - Family Practice Clinic