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Tim Gard International Hall of Fame Speaker

The pressures, stress, and expectations we face day in and day out can take a toll on our resilience and drain our sense of resourcefulness.  For the last 20+ years Tim Gard has enjoyed a thriving career despite endless circumstances which are always completely beyond our control, and Tim is here to show you how to do the same!

In business or government, we are often TOLD what we must do, but being told – and being taught – are two different things. In Tim's keynote speech, you will discover shortcuts to consciously changing your perception, acting instead of re-acting, and ultimately controlling your experiences.

San Luis Valley Health brings Tim Gard, International Hall of Fame Speaker, to the ASU Carson Auditorium on March 7th, at 5 PM and March 8th at 10AM and 5PM for a FREE event which is open to the public.