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SLV Health Names New Chief Medical Officer

SLV Health welcomes Carmelo Hernandez, MD, as the new Chief Medical Officer for the organization, effective November 12, 2018.  Dr. Hernandez has been on staff at SLV Health since 2013 serving in the Women’s Health Clinic as a Board Certified OB/GYN surgeon. This practice follows a dozen years in private practice in rural North Carolina. He is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and served in the Air Force as an aircraft commander until 1993 when he started medical school. Following medical school, Dr. Hernandez was awed by the birth of his first child and chose to study obstetrics and gynecology. 

Dr. Hernandez, who is fluent in Spanish, will continue providing medical care on a part-time basis. He replaces Dr. David Geiger who has served in the interim CMO following the retirement of Dr. Greg McAuliffe earlier this year. Carmelo’s strong interest in clinical teaching and surgical mentoring combined with his military background will allow him to impart a diverse perspective with his new leadership opportunity. “Two of my top priorities will be physician engagement and continued patient safety as I step into this role,” commented Dr. Hernandez.

Konnie Martin, CEO for SLV Health, welcomes Carmelo to the Senior Administration Team.  “Dr. Hernandez brings a wealth of knowledge to this position. In the role of CMO, it’s important to have a liaison who is trusted and respected by his or her colleagues as well as the administrators. Dr. Hernandez has demonstrated his commitment to ensuring that our patients receive the highest quality treatment possible.” Martin continued, “I would also like to acknowledge and thank Dr. David Geiger for his service as our interim CMO. He has done a tremendous job in this role and will be a great mentor for Dr. Hernandez. We are blessed with outstanding physician leadership and look forward to this new chapter in our service.”