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Nurse Educators Making a Difference at SLV Health

What is a “nurse educator” or “unit based educator”?

Nurse educators are experts in their fields. They obtain a national certification specific to their area of expertise, such as in the Emergency Department.  The Nurse Educator in the ED would be “RN, Certified Emergency Nurse.” 

What does a nurse educator do?

A nurse educator is required to teach a minimum of two classes per year.  The classes are specialty courses that are specific to their services. They organize the annual skills fair in addition to skills classes specific to each of their fields. They also participate in community outreach, such as the Lids for Kids safety project.  They provide education to schools, nursing students, EMS staff and law enforcement.

Nurse educators as part of the departments at SLV Health have the following roles:

  • Improvement of patient safety
  • Helps obtain quality measures
  • Helps support the nurse residency program
  • Tracks competencies for their department
  • Develops an education plan for their department
  • Participates in the education council

What is the education council?

This group develops solutions, process improvements, and policies based on evidenced-based practices.  They review new products and create standards to provide the safest care as possible.