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San Luis Valley residents make gowns for SLV Health hospital staff

Hospital staff model some of the gowns and masks made by sewers in the Valley.

If the sewers, quilters and crafters of the San Luis Valley are keeping track, they can now add “medical gowns” to the list of what the generous crafters are making to help the inventory of San Luis Valley Health.

While hundreds of masks have been made, valley residents are now gathering the material needed to help make the water-resistant gowns that are also in short supply. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the need for medical protective personal gear has increased.

Lynn Weathers, the owner of the Alamosa Quilt Company, created the pattern for the gown. The direct link for the pattern can be found at:

Completed gowns can be dropped off at the SLV Health Foundation office, located in the SLV Health Education Building at 1921 Main Street in Alamosa.

“I am continually and repeatedly amazed at the outpouring of support the community has continued to give to our healthcare staff during this time,” said Kelly Gurule, director of the SLV Health Foundation. “It’s wonderful, to see people coming together to help out.”

The easily disposable gowns will assist the healthcare staff in the fight against the possible spread of COVID-19.

For more information about helping with making the gowns, please contact Kelly Gurule at 719-587-6359 or by email at, or Dawn Krebs at 719-587-6359 or by email at