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New EMR to Improve Services at SLV Health

It’s Go-Live time at SLV Health! Over a year ago, we made the decision to seek a new Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system. With careful consideration of our needs and our options, we chose MEDITECH as our technology partner for the future. After months of planning, building, and training, our Go-Live day is October 1, 2020!

Under the Direction of Brian Heersink, IT Director at San Luis Valley Health, we also chose Engage, experts at MEDITECH implementation, as our partners. Leaders throughout SLV Health have worked tirelessly to prepare for this day, dedicating time, staff, and expertise to build the best system for our future.

This new system will bring incredible opportunities to improve the quality and safety of delivering care for our patients. With a fully integrated system, health caregivers will be able to see the entire record in one place. It will be more time-efficient, create less duplication, and put state of the art tools and information right at the point of care.

Our community will benefit from this long-term investment in the hospital’s infrastructure as it facilitates our dedication to improving healthcare delivery. We will have increased capacity to compile system-wide information used in population health, improve the ability to address key community-health issues, and offer real-time data that can support large-scale initiatives.

The date of October 1, 2020, did not waiver, even as the spread of the coronavirus pandemic affected our staff, family, community, and patient care delivery. Through the diligence of talented employees, often juggling multiple roles, the system has been built to suit the needs of the staff, providers, and patients at SLV Health. I extend a special thank you to each team member who made this new EMR possible.

With the help of our partners at MEDITECH and Engage, our team we will step forward in this new journey. We understand the challenge and are excited about the future. A special thank you for your patience and understanding as this transition occurs.