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Amy Blakeslee, SLVH Certified Physician Assistant, reviews an x-ray of a patient’s lungs. She and the team offer medical advice over the phone for a wide variety of ailments. During this season of allergies, colds, flu, and continued exposure to the contagious COVID-19, they diagnose and offer treatment plans to everyone who calls the clinic.

Amy BlakesleeWhat do COVID-19 and the common cold and flu have in common? The symptoms can appear similar to each other, as these diseases may include fever, cough, and fatigue. At SLV Health, Amy Blakeslee, PA-C, has been diagnosing and treating patients through the Respiratory Clinic at Stuart Avenue since April 2020. She and her team assure the public that they are well prepared to manage all types of patients, whether they suspect COVID, influenza, or have other medical concerns. All patients will continue to be properly evaluated, tested or referred if appropriate, and it just starts with a call to the clinic at 719-589-2511, Ext. 9, Monday-Friday, 8-5.

This first line of patient care during a pandemic allows for rapid diagnosis while limiting exposure to other patients and staff. Blakeslee commented, “I want to ensure providers, staff, and patients that our scope of care reaches beyond just suspected coronavirus symptoms. The public can feel confident that our medical advice is thorough and individualized for each patient.”

The current SLV Health Respiratory Clinic team members are Amy Blakeslee, PA-C, Tiffanie Hoover, ACNP-C, Bethany Caton, ACNP-C, Rebecca Sours, MSN, NP, Dawn Arellano, RN, Andrea Garcia, RN, Chelsey Jay, Cert Med Assistant, and Stephanie Molina, Cert Med Assistant. The clinic is located on the east side of the 2115 Stuart Avenue Clinic in Alamosa.