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Summit Awards for 2019

The Summit Award is the highest award of excellence presented at the HealthCare Service Excellence Conference. It is awarded to qualified, innovative, and progressive individuals, teams, and healthcare facilities who have made outstanding progress towards improving the patient experience and staff engagement. Individuals, teams, or organizations must be nominated to be eligible for a Summit Award.

In 2019, the Summit Awards committee received 214 nominations from 19 different healthcare organizations spanning 11 states. Then 57 of the nominees were chosen as Pinnacle Achievers (the best of the best), and 16 of those were awarded the Summit Award at the Night of Excellence held on Wednesday, January 29, 2020.

The 2019 Breakthrough Awards were open to all Service Excellence Initiative participants and alumni and highlights improvements and achievements of Patient Satisfaction and Patient Experience Scores within an organization. These awards were presented during the Breakthrough Awards Luncheon and serve to draw attention to and reward excellence in score improvement.

Both the 2019 Summit and Breakthrough Awards are presented by Custom Learning Systems during the annual HealthCare Service Excellence Conference, held this year at the InterContinental New Orleans in New Orleans, LA. The HealthCare Service Excellence Conference is dedicated to delivering evidence-based solutions to help hospitals and other healthcare facilities improve the overall patient experience.

San Luis Valley Health received 3 Pinnacle Awards, 1 Summit Award, and 35 Breakthrough Awards! The three pinnacle achievers from their respective categories for 2019 are Eric Schoer, Service Excellence Advisor 1st Year, Amy Oaks RN, Exceptional Nurse, and Michelle Gay, Empowering Manager. The 2019 Summit Award Recipient is Michelle Gay, Empowering Manager. Michelle is the Director of Compliance at SLV Health. The breakthrough highlight was a star rating where SLVH achieved at least one-star improvement in over five service-related domains.

breakthrough group at awards ceremonyFrom Left to Right: Michael Bayer (CLS Implementation Specialist), Sammy Jo Malouff (RN, ICU/MedSurg), Morey Aldridge (Medical Records Clerk), Audrey Reich-Loy (Director of Primary Care Clinic Operations), Tennie Masterson (Director of Operations, CCH), Alma Hicks (Polysomnographic Technologist), Lauren Boline (Clinical/Outpatient Dietitian), Amanda Wade (Administrative Assistant)

pinnacle achievers

list of awards