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Hospital Employees Donate Wheelchair

Maria Ochoa De Ornelas and her son, Leo De Ornelas, are very grateful for the generous donation of a wheelchair from the employees at SLV Health. With them in the picture are, from left, Sherrie Langford, ultrasound technician; Robyn Williams, imaging supervisor; Dan Malouff, radiology technician; Paul Jiron, staff technician; Barbara Carlsen, mammography technician; and Daniela Mannerberg, ultrasound student.

One patient’s ride is a little smoother, thanks to the assistance of the Alamosa community and employees of the San Luis Valley Health.

Maria Ochoa De Ornelas can often be seen wheeling around the Alamosa area, with her son Leo Ornelas guiding her wheelchair. The daily wear and tear, however, caused her wheelchair to fall into disrepair. But when she arrived at her doctor’s appointment at SLV Health on Thursday, Jan. 30, she was greeted by staff and presented with a brand new wheelchair for her to use.

The donation was a combined effort of members of the Alamosa community recognizing a need, and bringing it to the attention of the San Luis Valley Health Foundation and SLV Health employees.

The purchase of the wheelchair was funded from a program at SLV Health called the “Pay It Forward” program. This program allows the employees of SLV Health to donate money throughout the year, for the purpose to help the hospital’s patients and families.

For more information about donating to the SLV Health Foundation, please contact Kelly Gurule, SLV Health Foundation Director, at 719-587-5707 or Dawn Krebs, SLV Health Foundation Assistant, at 719-587-6359. Information on the SLV Foundation can be found at