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Foundation Receives Donation from Narrow Gauge Book Coop

SLV Health Foundation Round Up Donation

Narrow Gauge Book Coop Manager Allison Cruse is all smiles as she stands with San Luis Valley Health Foundation Director Kelly Gurule. The Book Coop chose the SLV Health Foundation as the recipient of September’s Round-Up program.

October wasn’t such a “spooky” time for the San Luis Valley Health Foundation, when it was presented with a check from the Narrow Gauge Book Coop. The store is a community-run book cooperative in downtown Alamosa that opened its doors during the summer of 2018.

In September, the non-profit SLV Health Foundation was chosen. After the monthly sales, the foundation benefited from a Round-Up total of $107.30.

“Customers were able to help out by simply giving their change,” said Allison Cruse, manager of the book coop. “This is a wonderful way to give back, and I am thrilled with the positive response from our customers.”

The money came from a program the members of the book coop began in 2019 called Round Up. Every month, a local non-profit organization is chosen to be the recipient, and during that month customers can “round up” the total of their purchase to the next dollar amount, with the excess going to the non-profit.