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EVS Scores High Marks at SLVH RMC

EVS Day shift

SLV Health Regional Medical Center EVS Day Shift at RMC Team, L to R Back Row: Shane Kinney, Ross Pena, Michael Mondoux, John Tighe and Margaret Gutierrez. Front Row: Jeremy Gonzales, Mark Swicegood, Celia Ramirez-Reyes, Adriana Martinez, Gloria Rivera, Mary Lucero, Julie Moreno, and Rhonda Madril

During a difficult year of new demands and regulations, the facilities and housekeeping teams, Environmental Services (EVS) at San Luis Valley Health, achieved high scores in the “cleanliness of environment” category at the Regional Medical Center in Alamosa. HCAP scores are collected from patient surveys.

“In October of 2020, I realized our HCAP scores have been around 70% for several quarters,” noted Facilities Director Michael Mondoux. “I issued a challenge to the SLVH EVS team to break the 80% mark.” The team came up with goals such as positive attitudes, improved communication, and focus on excellent service to the patients at all times.

“It is with great excitement and appreciation for the hard work by the entire EVS team, that I would like to say ‘congratulations’ on achieving an 86.3% for the first quarter of 2021 for the HCAP score. This is an incredible improvement and an achievement that we all can be proud of,” said Mondoux. The team has been setting goals on increasing the score at all of the SLVH facilities, but especially in the patient care areas.

Evening Shift, L to R, Back Row: Adriana Romero, Anthony Madrid, Albert Gomez, and David Carson. Front Row: Natassia Ayala, Silvia Garcia, and Emelia Ortiz de Galaviz