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Keep Children Safe with Common Vaccines

Dear Parents,

Hi, I am Shannon Gonzales Certified Nurse Midwife at San Luis Valley Health, and I would like to talk directly to expecting parents, new parents, and guardians about childhood vaccines. Not the COVID vaccine in the news today, although it is important, but the other vaccines such as HepA and MMR that protect us from other diseases.

I have a passion for taking care of expecting mothers throughout their pregnancies and immediately right after. However, my real passion is being a mother to my three amazing boys. My boys are very busy and active, playing in the dirt, riding 4-wheelers, and participating in almost all sports. Vaccines have been a very important part of my boys’ life. They have kept them healthy and safe. With staying up to date on their vaccines, I am at ease about preventable childhood illnesses and knowing that they are vaccinated against Tetanus if there are any unfortunate accidents with such active kids.Xmas Fam

I want to encourage all parents to review the recommended vaccinations for infants and children. Visit the San Luis Valley Health pediatrics page for a link to a parent-friendly chart to understand the optimal time for your children’s immunization schedules. Please speak to your provider if you have concerns or hesitations.

Shannon Gonzales, Certified Nurse Midwife & Mother

San Luis Valley Health, Women’s Health Clinic