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Daniel Sours, From CNA to NP, to Provide Services in SLV Health Urology Clinic

Daniel Sours

It’s a win-win situation for San Luis Valley Health clinics and for Daniel Sours, who has been a Family Nurse Practitioner since September 2021. Daniel completed his degree from Regis University, Denver, with a Master of Science in Nursing and will be joining the Urology clinic team in Alamosa. Daniel has been in different roles at SLV Health since he started in 2004 as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). He took his CNA course in high school at the recommendation of his mother, an RN. He comes from a family of nurses – his mom, dad, wife, uncle, and sister Becky Sours, NP, SLVH, plus a number of other CNAs in the family! He grew up in the San Luis Valley and decided to become a nurse because he loves caring for patients.
Daniel completed his Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Adams State University in 2013. He gained experience taking care of ICU patients from Alamosa’s Regional Medical Center, La Jara’s Conejos County Hospital, and Lakewood’s St. Anthony’s Hospital. He also served as Unit Based Educator for SLV Health. “As a teacher and mentor to nursing students, you become a better nurse,” commented Daniel. He became an NP to advance his education in order to better utilize his expertise in helping care for our community.
Another critical event that occurred in Daniel’s journey is that he became a patient himself. “When you start to see healthcare from the ‘other side of the bed,’ you develop more empathy and definitely learn a lot about caregiving,” reflected Daniel. He was hospitalized with pneumonia after his chemotherapy was finished and was also flown out to a higher level of care out of the valley. In his free time, Daniel enjoys spending time with his wife and two children.
Urology services were added at the SLVH Stuart Avenue Clinic in Alamosa in 2018. Many hours and additional services, such as prostate biopsies, and shock wave lithotripsy to take care of kidney stones, have been added successfully as demand has grown. “Having Daniel Sours, NP, as part of this care team is a huge win for the patients,” commented Antonio Gurule, Clinic Administrator. “We will have increased timely access to quality care with Daniel on the team. Daniel is resourceful, smart, kind, and eager to develop into a really good provider. I’ve seen him grow professionally while maintaining a good conscientious approach to the care of his patients and teammates. We are fortunate to have his expertise and compassion added to our specialist team in the Urology clinic.”
The Urology clinic is located at 2115 Stuart Ave, Alamosa, and may be reached at (719) 589-8063. Patients may self-refer.