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Anonymous Donor Surprises Nurses

From left, Tara Reynolds, RN; Jenna Javar, Tele Tech; and Pam Jones, RN show the gift cards they were surprised with from an anonymous donor.

The holiday season had one more surprise to the nurses who work on the third floor of the San Luis Valley Health Regional Medical Center. An anonymous donor gifted every nurse with a gift card from City Market as a gesture of appreciation for all of their hard work.

The gift cards were handed out to all the 3rd floor nursing staff in January, and they wanted to let the donor know how much they appreciated the gift.

“This anonymous donor dropped off the cards and spoke about the outstanding care they received when they were a patient at SLV Health Regional Medical Center,” explained SLV Health Foundation Director Kelly Gurule. “The nursing staff had done an outstanding job, and the patient was very grateful for all the care they received.”

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