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SLVH Employees Years of Service Celebration

Anna Montoya, center, a registered nurse in labor and delivery, is honored by SLV Health CEO Konnie Martin, left, and Monica Hinds, Director of Emergency Services and Obstetrics/Nursery, on the right. Montoya was one of three employees who reached their 25-year milestone with SLV Health.

Twenty-five years ago, Janet McGinnis started working at San Luis Valley Health. This year, she was honored, along with 78 other employees, who together have logged a total of 760 years of service with the healthcare organization with a special Years of Service celebration.

“It doesn’t seem possible it can be 25 years already,” said McGinnis. “When I first started, I pretty much knew everyone that worked here. Today, we have way too many employees to know everyone, but it still feels like a close-knit family.”

The event on Thursday, Feb. 11 looked different than in years past, because of the recent epidemic restrictions. Instead of a large banquet, this year the organization honored its employees with a small, private and socially distanced ceremony held in the second-floor ARTrium. Employees achieving service milestones received awards for their service as well as gift cards to their favorite local eatery.

“As resilient, understanding, and innovative the SLVH team has been this past year, we are committed to identifying ways to acknowledge them and communicate how thankful we all are for their commitment, the great work they accomplish every day and the service they provide to SLVH staff, leadership, and our community,” said Konnie Martin, Chief Executive Officer for SLV Health. “We know that the heart of this organization lies with each employee’s dedication to service and commitment, and we would not be able to accomplish our vision and mission without them.”

The employees were honored in five-year milestone increments. This year, 39 employees celebrated 5 years, 19 employees celebrated 10 years and 12 employees celebrated 15 years. Six employees were honored for reaching their 20 year milestone: Amy Oaks, Tandra Dunn, Alan Newby, Cindy Jackson, Stephanie Quintana and Karen Christensen. Three employees reached their 25-year anniversary: Conejos County Hospital Purchasing Buyer Terri Lucero; Director of Radiology Janet McGinnis and Registered Nurse Anna Montoya.

“This is the main thing about SLV Health: We are family,” said McGinnis, recalling a life-changing event that happened to her and her family this year, and how the SLV Health employees were there. “I will forever remember the kindness and generosity shown to our family during this stressful time. We help each other, support and lift each other up.”

Congratulations to:

Five-year employees:

Melissa Carrillo

Jessica Garcia

Trazana Duran

Samantha Malouff

Shannon Uran

Sulaiman Sultan

Amy Cheatwood-Johnston

Mallori Gariner

David Gallegos

Morgan Cummons

Beth Jones

Steve Lobato

Kaitlyn Larsen

Joshua Robertson

Lindsay Barraza

Terisa Valdez

Tabitha Gutierrez

Taryn Ruybal

Marche DePriest

Amelia Trujillo

Jamie King

David Barclay

Julie Moreno

JoAnn Segura

Joe Archuleta

Audrey Edgar

Fallon Crowther

Jessica Chavez

Rafelita Atencio

Megan Brownell

Stephanie Guillen

Jenna Hutches

Felicia Garcia

Rachel Dooley

Joshua Koontz

Debbie Shulsinger

Ashley Voss

Thomas Jenks

Elishia Melgares

Ten-year employees:

Konnie Martin

Jane Self

Rebecca Romero

Reyna Martinez

Tish Hollingsworth

Dennard Ellison

Angie Werner

Linda Vaughan

Crystal Kechter

Brian Heersink

Michelle Gay

Adam Lawrence

Linda Cordova

Antonio Gurule

Lucia Gaspar-Nicolas

Natasha Cerny

Anthony Madrid

Randi Martinez

Angie Gallegos

Fifteen-year employees:

Ben Gonzales

Svetlana Bresnitz

Tiffanie Hoover

Chrystal Gallegos

Susanna Martinez

Hannah Espinoza

Angel Cervantez

Felicia Gutierrez

Roberta Valdez

Shannon Hostetter

Gloria Medina

Ben Hendriks

Twenty-year employees:

Amy Oaks

Tandra Dunn

Alan Newby

Cindy Jackson

Stephanie Quintana

Karen Christensen

Twenty-five year employees:

Terri Lucero

Janet McGinnis

Anna Montoya