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SLV Health Helmet Donation to Alamosa Bicycle Coalition

Julie Ramstetter, RN, SLV Health Trauma Services Manager, donates helmets to the Alamosa Bicycle Coalition (ABC) Manager, Grantley Showalter. Ramstetter commented, “We received this large donation in anticipation of our bike giveaway and safety event, Lids for Kids. We did not have the event in 2020 and are excited to pass along the helmets, donated by Centura Health, and hope that every biker in our community practices safe bike riding.” Showalter said he will be able to find homes for the helmets through ABC's programs and will work with organizations such as Boys and Girls Club of the SLV and La Puente for further distribution. The Alamosa Bicycle Coalition’s mission is to increase equitable access to bicycles and safe bicycling skills for youth and adults. For more information, contact them at or (719) 315-5259. They are located in the back of Hobby Town, in downtown Alamosa.