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Ramstetter is Colo Trauma Nurse Coordinator of the Year

SLV Health congratulates Julie Ramstetter, RN, BSN, on being selected to receive the 2021 Trauma Nurse Coordinator award for Level III-V Colorado emergency departments. She exhibits excellent skills at leading initiatives to improve care for injured patients. Julie’s nominator highlighted her efforts to bring education and resources to clinical providers in the San Luis Valley.

A summary from Julie’s nominator reads, “Julie has a diverse clinical background, including emergency department, trauma, and critical care in rural and urban facilities. Julies’ clinical skills are complemented by her level of commitment to the San Luis Valley. She has served in many roles throughout her career, including staff RN, nurse manager, trauma program manager, and educator. Julie excels in her current role of Trauma Nurse Coordinator, bringing educational resources to clinical providers across a variety of settings. She was part of the transition of the SLV Regional Medical Center from level IV to Level III. She has helped toward improving patient outcomes in the SLV. She approaches every class with professionalism and a positive attitude, and she is great at reaching students of all levels and backgrounds. Her calm demeanor minimizes student stress and enhances the learning experience.”
To celebrate her award from the Colorado Trauma Network, Julie was recognized and thanked at an SLVH Board of Directors meeting. L to R: SLVH Board Chair Karla Hardesty, SLVH CEO Konnie Martin, Julie Ramstetter, and SLVH CMO Dr. Carmelo Hernandez.