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SLV Health Presents Check to Friends of Ski Hi

SLV Health presented a check for $2,500 to Friends of Ski Hi for the building of the new SLV Regional Event & Conference Center. Pictured L to R are : Bethany Caton, ACNP-C, Jeanette Martinez, Admin Asst, Karla Shriver, Friends of Ski Hi Co-Chair, David Gieger, DO, Carmelo Hernandez, MD, Randi Martinez, Admin Asst, Melissa Voutsalath, DO, Kathy Woods, Friends of Ski Hi Co-Chair, J. Lee Grigsby, MD, Clint Sowards, DO, and Carissa Tripi, DO.

“We are honored and excited to support the high-energy efforts happening at the Ski Hi Park.  Having a facility that can host the community is good for everyone.  We look forward to using this facility as we support the Valley.  Congrats to the Ski Hi team,” said Konnie Martin, SLV Health Chief Executive Officer.