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SLV Health’s Garcia Earns Certificate in Infection Control

Jessica Garcia, RN, BSN, can now add Certificate in Infection Control (CIC) to her credentials.

Jessica Garcia with her certificate in infection control

Jessica leads SLV Health's Infection Prevention department and believes that "learning should never stop." She was able to incorporate the knowledge gleaned from this accredited certificate into her job at SLV Health, along with new life skills as well.

"Obtaining this certificate was meaningful for the position I am in at SLV Health, but it also helped me grow as a person," Jessica said.

She stated that the recent surveys across the organization have included the Infection Prevention department on some level or another. Her prior trainings and education led to this certification which included a deep dive into microbiology, understanding how research studies are legitimized as well as management and leadership skills. The certification entailed a lot of in-person testing and did have a 3 month pause during the pandemic this past year. It’s also not that easy to enroll, as the list of perquisites set the bar high with prior education, degrees, and experience.

Jessica has been improving herself since she has been in this role since October 2017 and said, "You can only do your best until you know better, then you learn, and then you can do better." SLV Health is lucky to have Jessica Garcia as a team player!