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New Sanitation Technology Elevates SLV Health Infection Prevention Measures

Natassia Ayala, left, and David Carson are just two of the certified SLV Health Environmental Service team members who have been trained in the use of the new electrostatic disinfecting sprayers. The use of these high-tech sprayers have allowed the team to disinfect spaces and other items safely and efficiently.

As a way to maintain high infection prevention standards, SLV Health has added six hand-held and two backpack electrostatic sprayers to their arsenal of cleaning equipment used by the environmental service teams at SLV Health Regional Medical Center in Alamosa and Conejos County Hospital in La Jara.

“They were purchased with the help of COVID Cares Act funding,” said Michael Mondoux, Director of Facilities at SLV Health. “This equipment has become a major labor saver while also improving quality in our efforts to disinfect rooms.”

The cordless sprayers, from Victory Innovations, provides an electrical charge to cleaning solutions, allowing the solution to wrap around surfaces with more effective and even coverage, including areas that may not have been directly sprayed.

The sprayers allow the team to enter a room or area and completely disinfect the space in 10 minutes or less, while hand-wiping down the same area would have taken 20-30 minutes. The backpacks are generally used for large, high-traffic areas like conference rooms, hallways and waiting rooms, allowing the team to spray for at least two hours before having to refill the holding tank.

There is training involved in using the devices, and to date almost 100% of the environmental service team has become certified in the sprayer’s usage. Certification includes undergoing a 30-minute hands-on instruction, followed by reviewing the sprayer policy and then passing a test.

“We consider the Victory electrostatic sprayer equipment to be a game changer in our approach to disinfecting the hospitals and clinics,” Mondoux said.

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