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SLV Health Employee Campaign a Success

Zach Masterson was one of the winners of the gift cards. Thanks for donating, Zach!

Suzanne McClanahan was one of our winners for the gift cards. Thanks for donating, Suzanne!

Since 2004, employees of San Luis Valley Health have donated more than $700,000 back to improving patient services and supporting one another. Every pay period, employees elect to have an amount of their choice taken out of their pay, with the money slowly adding up over time. Last year, hundreds of employees put their dollars together to raise more than $44,000.

This year, the generosity continues, with an additional 12 employees signing up for the first time, joining the more than 100 employees currently donating to the campaign.

The Employee Campaign focuses donations to three programs: Helping Hands, where the donations help other employees through difficult times; Pay it Forward, where the donations help where there is a need for our patients and their families; and Unrestricted, where the donations help projects throughout the organization that can help our patients, families and visitors. Also during this campaign, PTO donations for Helping Hands were collected, with a total of 203 hours being donated by employees to help their coworkers. On behalf of the organization, SLV Health Senior Team approved matching the donation, bringing the total amount of hours to more than 400 for the Helping Hands program.

“It is because of the generosity of our employees that this program is so successful,” said Kelly Gurule, Director of the SLVH Foundation. “From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for doing so much, and you are deeply appreciated.”

To thank everyone for their contributions, two drawings were held among those who participated. Congratulations to the winners of Amazon gift cards, Zach Masterson and Suzanne McClanahan.

It’s not too late to start your donation today! For more information, feel free to contact the Foundation Office and we will be happy to stop by and answer any questions you may have. Just contact Kelly Gurule, Director of the SLVH Foundation at ext. 5707 or by emailing; or Dawn Krebs, SLVH Foundation Assistant at ext. 6359 or by emailing