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Selling Concessions to Make an Impact

"Everyone came ready to give.” Principal Brian Riccatone describes December 1, 2022, the day the Centauri Middle School Leadership Class decided to sell concessions during school hours and raise $1,000 for the San Luis Valley Health’s Cancer Center.

Kaylee Smith and Kynlei Curtis, students of the class, approached their teacher Nikol Kelley with the idea for a fundraiser. Kelly was open to the idea but drove one point home to the two leaders: they had to lead the initiative from start to finish. “They sourced the concessions, set up, and sold everything; it was all them, and it was great,” Nikol said with a smile.

Kelly Gurule, SLVH’s Foundation Director went on-site after the event to receive the donation. “It’s amazing to see the kids of the Valley so eager to give back.” All money raised will benefit the San Luis Valley Health’s Cancer Center.

Centauri Mid School