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SLV Health Celebrates First Cohort of NIMAA Graduates

On November 4, 2022, SLV Health staff, friends, and family gathered to celebrate our first cohort of NIMAA graduates.  

NIMAA stands for the National Institute of Medical Assistant Advancement. SLV Health partnered with the organization to encourage our employees to continue their education and advance their careers in healthcare. 

Partnering with NIMAA means the participants received 29 weeks of both in-class training and hands-on work in our simulation lab and clinics.  

The graduation featured speeches from Tom Masterson, Director of the Revenue Cycle, and Misty Palacios, Nurse Manager, who thanked Konnie Martin, CEO; Antonio Gurule Clinic Administrator; Audrey Reich, Director of Programs; Cathy Canty, RN Clinic Educator; the mentors and preceptors; and all the supportive friends and family. 

There was also a student speech from Angel Shorten, who emphasized the importance of self-improvement and thanked SLV Health for supporting her career advancement. 

All four graduates, Rochelle Whitehorse, Angel Shorten, Jennifer Ortega, Vivien Andrews, left their graduation as medical assistants, who are ready to test for their certification, employed at SLV Health.   

“Having this first cohort completed is really satisfying and rewarding,” said Misty Palacios, who supervised the students. “And we’re contributing to the staffing here at SLV Health.”