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Cuddle Bear at SLV Health

On October 28th, 2022, the SLVH Foundation Office was taken over by the cutest books and cuddle bears. Katelyn Holman (pictured above) partnered with Usborne Books to sell a book and stuffed bear set named “Cuddle Bear.” The book, written by Claire Feedman and Gavin Scott, shows that a hug can go a long way in recovery. Cash proceeds of the sets will go to The Scott Carter Foundation, formed to raise money for children’s cancer research, and the physical books and bears came to San Luis Valley Health to support any pediatric patient that needs an extra cuddle and going home with them when their hospital stay is over. The books and bears come just in time, coinciding with an effort from the San Luis Valley Health Foundation to incorporate more pediatric friendly rooms at SLVH Regional Medical Center in Alamosa. This will include age-appropriate decoration and bedding to ensure our pediatric patients feel comfortable and safe.