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SLV Health Adopts Local Families for Christmas

staff deliver gifts

The SLV Health “Elves”, L to R, Misty Palacios, Lisa Garcia, Justin Fricke, and Ressa Gonzales. Delivering to the Kids Place families were volunteers Quinn and Steve.

SLV Health staff along with Eagle Air Med “adopted” 31 families across the San Luis Valley to ensure they received Christmas gifts! Ten were from the Kids Place counseling services, ten from La Puente’s Adelante program, and 11 were internally identified SLVH families.

It is a hectic couple of weeks for the SLVH clinic management staff to distribute the lists, collect donations of money, gifts, and wrapping paper, and then deliver them to the programs and families. But so REWARDING to know that team members from SLVH and Eagle Air Med made a difference in a few San Luis Valley family holiday celebrations.