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Centauri Middle School Students Display Talent with Virtual Art Gallery

After a two year hiatus due to the pandemic, SLV Health is excited to announce the revival of the ARTrium with art from Centauri Middle School’s 7th and 8th grade art classes. The artists crafted weavings and colorful paintings of sunflowers which now brighten the halls of the second floor of the SLV Health Regional Medical Center in Alamosa.

The weavings were created in homage to the late Dr. Epifania “Eppie” Archuleta, a celebrity artist of the San Luis Valley who resided in both La Jara and Capulin. CMS Art teacher, Kirsten Riccatone, explained why she chose to include Archuleta’s work in her curriculum: “Learning about our local artists who have impacted the art world globally is important to our students as they may see how they themselves can achieve recognition for their talents and have the opportunity to leave their mark on the art world.”

The artists’ sunflower paintings are creative re-envisionings of Vincent Van Gogh’s famous Sunflower. The students incorporated fourteen distinct painting techniques into their pieces. The results are fantastic. “At middle school age, students’ artwork is very expressive, experimental, and uninhibited as they tend to be freer thinkers and creators,” Ms. Riccatone said of her students’ talents.

As COVID continues to spread throughout the community, the SLV Health Regional Medical Center continues to restrict visitors from accessing lobbies and common areas, such as the ARTrium. Instead, the public can view the artists’ work on SLV Health’s first-ever, Virtual Gallery. The Virtual Gallery and live gallery hybrid allows patients, staff, and the general public to view the art while still keeping everyone safe.

Click here to view the Virtual Gallery.