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Patients and Providers Benefit from Grant Award at SLV Health

San Luis Valley Health was recently awarded grant funding by The Colorado Health Foundation to continue improving service delivery throughout our primary care clinics. Audrey Reich Loy, SLVH Director of Programs explains, “The purpose of this project is to enhance the delivery of healthcare services within our four primary care clinics, utilizing the Team Based Care model, to ensure SLVH’s three Rural Health Clinics, along with the Stuart Ave Primary Care Clinic, are universal in our approach to providing team-based services. SLVH will achieve this only by ensuring that health equity, accessibility, and cultural responsiveness are at the forefront of all service delivery enhancements.”

What this 2-year grant will entail:
• Clinic teams at all clinic locations will participate in baseline assessments on our current state of providing team-based care; equitable healthcare delivery; and financial state. Ongoing re-assessments will occur to monitor progress.
• Clinic leadership, providers, and members of the clinic teams will develop and execute a work plan in partnership with our grant partners to address gaps and opportunities for enhanced care delivery; enhance the financial sustainability of the model, and address health equity.
• Clinic teams will participate in monthly technical assistance coaching with our grant partners to learn and enhance optimal, efficient team-based workflows and care delivery models.
• Select team members will attend regional forums with other statewide grantees.
• Clinic teams will develop a roadmap for continuing and sustaining new care delivery models post-award.

“SLV Health is pleased to receive this grant award to create meaningful impact as we advance our team-based care planning. This is a grant that allows us to build capacity,” explained Antonio Gurule, SLV Health Clinic Administrator. “We have teams of caregivers that will offer uninterrupted care for the patients using this model of delivery.”

The grant funding expands training, capacity, and technology and will be distributed over the next two years under the guidance of Loy “We appreciate receiving this critical award in order to continue to achieve our mission, vision, and response to changes and challenges in healthcare delivery in the San Luis Valley,” commented Loy. “The grant will support initiatives that we have been working on to improve Population Health outcomes, such as when we added the crucial positions like our Care Coordinators.”