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2022 Nurse Residency Graduation

On June 9, 2022 San Luis Valley Health employees gathered to celebrate the 11 nurses graduating from their nurse residency program.

Vikki Kretche-Kitchel, SLVH’s House Supervisor, was the keynote speaker of the evening and spoke openly about the hardships of nursing, particularly during a pandemic. She discussed resiliency and steps everyone can do in their lives to improve their work-life balance and mental health. These steps include building on and improving mental fortitude, emotional fortitude, and physical fortitude. Kretche-Kitchel ended her presentation on what San Luis Valley Health is doing to help their employees in these areas.

Nurse residency helps nurses transition from their graduate program to clinical practice, and they all had research projects they presented. After the keynote presentation, the 3 cohorts presented on sepsis, orientation & competency, and cleaning practices. SLV Health is very proud of these graduates, their mentors, and everyone who makes this program a success, especially Director Brittany Sours, RN.

From left to right: Josilin Gilleland, Kassie Sowards, Natalie Taylor, Eimi Chavez, Kiara Villalobos, Felicia Minchaca, Melissa Bower, Elena Rasmussen, Adeline Sabido (not pictured Dane Chongway and Sara Brunelli).