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Your Miracle is On the Way

Lopez FamExperiencing a miscarriage can be deeply emotional, personal, and difficult. Aryana and Kyle Lopez didn’t experience a miscarriage one time, they went through it five times. Each one was more difficult than the previous, with more disappointment, more pain, and more loss. After six years, during her fifth pregnancy, Aryana’s fallopian tube ruptured leaving her in dismay. Seven courageous months later, Aryana and Kyle decided to consult with the professionals. They met Stephanie Posorske, Certified Nurse Midwife at San Luis Valley Health Women’s Health clinic in Alamosa, who became Aryana’s primary care provider. With further advice, prescriptive medicine, and a referral from SLVH OB/GYN Drs. Lewing and Hernandez, the Lopezs scheduled an out-of-town consultation. But they never made it to the first appointment, because they found out they were pregnant the weekend before the consult!

Aryana worked closely with Stephanie by having multiple blood draws and weekly ultrasounds. Stephanie was also pregnant, and during the time of COVID, with mixed messages about the safety of vaccinations, it was not an easy time to navigate pregnancy. Developing a relationship based on trust would be crucial.

“Steph is so awesome, she was with me every step of the way,” a teary-eyed Aryana recalled as she cuddled her son, KJ. “She was so supportive. She returned my calls. She eased my worries. She was a God-send, being so personable and caring. She basically held my hand through my whole pregnancy, except when she left for her own maternity leave.”

Stephanie Posorske, SLVH CNM, said, “Navigating the first trimester of any pregnancy can be difficult and scary. After having multiple miscarriages, this gets 150 times more challenging but at the same time very exciting. Aryana is so brave. It had to be daunting to get pregnant again for her. We built a close relationship during our weekly interactions, but in the end, nature takes its course.” Posorske and CNM Shannon Gonzales visit with all their patients regularly as they support them through their journey. Posorske said it is one of the best benefits of being an OB provider. “Being there for patients during one of the most joyous times of their life is so rewarding and it never gets old. Delivering KJ was one of the sweetest deliveries because I knew this baby was so wanted and loved and cherished.” Stephanie and Aryana grew closer when they discovered that they both live on ranches and raise animals. Stephanie commented, “Not only were we both pregnant at the same time, but I found out she is raising peacocks and that is something my grandmother did!” Building trust in one another came naturally for Stephanie and Aryana.

Aryana also felt like she had exceptional care during labor and delivery at the Regional Medical Center in Alamosa, with nurses Wendy and Katie being part of the amazing team. Stephanie helped Aryana deliver a healthy Kyle Christopher Lopez, Junior, on February 1, 2022. “Having a baby during the pandemic meant that we could not have any visitors. It was a very intimate setting with my husband Kyle at my side. He eased my fears, as did Stephanie and the whole team. All of their support and knowledge was tremendous,” recalled Aryana.Aryana

Aryana’s advice to others is to “never give up!” With much emotion, she encourages others to consult with their providers and seek professional help in their journey. “It is worth it, all the heartache and struggles, it is worth it. Your miracle is on the way, too!”

Photo Below: CNM Stephanie Posorske with her son, Richard.

steph and richard