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SLVH Expands Urology Services

As the leading healthcare provider for all 8,100 square miles of the San Luis Valley, SLV Health now offers full-time urology services with the addition of nurse practitioner, Daniel Sours. Since 2018, visiting urologists served the valley twice a week. With Daniel treating patients full-time since the beginning of 2022, SLV Health now provides patients with a quicker diagnosis and speedier treatment without needing to leave the valley.

As Daniel explains, “In the past, it was difficult to get everyone in who needed a urologist. That’s not the case anymore because I treat many urological conditions. And if I can’t help you, I get the ball rolling for the urologist,” who still serves the valley twice weekly.

Urology is a medical specialty addressing conditions of the urinary tract, including the kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra in both men and women as well as male disorders in the testes, penis, scrotum, and prostate. If you have challenges in any of these areas, SLVH’s urology team can help you.

While urology doctors manage every urological condition, Daniel’s expertise as a nurse practitioner includes diagnostic workups, medical treatment, and outpatient procedures such as cystoscopies to view the bladder with a small camera and, soon, post-tibial nerve stimulation to treat overactive bladders or other urinary difficulties.

The urology team treats a wide range of disorders such as prostate and bladder cancer, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), prostatitis, urinary dysfunction, kidney stones, prolapsed vaginas, male reproductive organ dysfunction, and many other issues.

For both men and women, urination difficulties can develop into embarrassing challenges. With their empathetic and understanding presence, SLVH’s urology providers have several treatments to help with these conditions.

“I’m not shy to talk about these things,” says Daniel, who originally started with SLV Health as a CNA. “I stay as open and honest with communication as possible. That way it’s not awkward for the person who sought care for whatever reason, especially on sensitive subjects like erectile dysfunction. Being able to ask directly about the issues helps me help the person.”

Daniel recommends calling for an appointment for any problems with urination or male sexual function. Such problems might include visible blood in the urine of any amount, consistent pain or burning with urination, urinary leakage or urgency, urinary retention, difficulty starting or maintaining a urinary stream, excessive nighttime urination (typically more than twice per night), persistent pelvic pain, low male libido, or attaining and maintaining an erection.

Don’t let embarrassing, preventable urology issues affect your daily living and confidence. Our clinic can diagnose the problem and treat the condition.

To make an appointment with SLV Health’s Urology Clinic, located at 2115 Stuart Avenue in Alamosa, call 719-589-8063. The clinic does not require a referral to see Daniel or a urologist, but please check with your insurance first to confirm coverage.