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SLVH Employee Art Show Spring 2022

The public is welcome to join SLV Health in celebrating very talented employee artists during Hospital Week at the SLV Health Regional Medical Center.


Madison Adams, Physical Therapist, prefers working on subjects that include nature, travel postcards, and portrait/human figure drawings. Daniels Boone, EMS, has a passion for transformation work with organic and recycled materials. Lucy Francisquez-Gaspar, Laboratory, likes to paint for fun. Lisa Garcia, Authorization Manager, is always learning new techniques and loves to get lost in her canvas. Kathy Hostetter, RN, Women’s Clinic, provides us with a Leo Moss tribute of paper mache dolls, inspired by his sad story and how it relates to today’s world. Jessica Kloeppel, Finance Department, recently started pursuing the medium of the graphite pencil. Shanda Langford, Administration, loves to capture life’s magical moments through her camera lens. Destination Lopez, Admitting Clerk, draws from her life experiences as a young woman and mother. Barbara Samora, Coding, feels like painting landscapes is a great stress reliever. Margaret White, Quality & Safety, switched from ceramic to painting and has been inspired by the New Mexico art scene.

Three artists, Lisa, Kathy and Barbara, also contributed their talent by painting cranes. Their 2020 “Swoop of the Cranes” are also part of this exhibit and then will be back on display in the Monte Vista Community Clinic.

The reception is Thursday, May 12, 4:00-6:00 p.m. in the Artrium. Take Elevator A or C to the second floor. Masks are required.