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Dr. Carla Christ Joins SLVH Board of Trustees

In 2022, Carla Christ, MD, joined the San Luis Valley Health Board of Trustees. “I enjoy being on the board. It has been eye-opening to see the bigger picture of the organization. I find it is easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day work in surgery, so being on the board reshapes my thinking and reminds me of our vision of taking care of patients,” reflected Christ.Christ

Dr. Christ (rhymes with wrist) is part of the General Surgery Team at SLV Health where she has the privilege to provide loving, competent care for Valley patients. She is also the Trauma Medical Director for SLV Health. As part of that team, she is on the Regional Emergency medical and Trauma Advisory Council (RETAC) for the San Luis Valley. Part of the duties of the Trauma Team is to review the trauma cases to look for best practices and areas of possible improvements. They have monthly meetings to discuss trauma-related procedures and any new advances or challenges to ensure that SLVH Regional Medical Center remains as a Level 3 Trauma Center.

In the RETAC meetings, statistics, trends, funding, grants, and opportunities are all discussed. RETAC is regional, so this is a platform to bring together all of the EMS and hospitals in the San Luis Valley to ensure they are taking care of patients collaboratively as a region.

“In my personal time, I love to run, ski, and bake. Since moving to the Valley, I have picked up trail running as a new hobby. I finished my 4th trail marathon this summer, including running vacations! I am excited to continue to travel now that COVID restrictions are easing up,” commented Christ.