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SLV Health Trauma Team Distributes 1st Aid Kits to Local Sports Programs

at sargent youth sports

"I was at my 7-year-old son's wrestling practice at Sargent.  A kid got flipped over and fractured/dislocated his elbow.  I ran out to my truck and got a SAM splint and an ace wrap. I splinted the elbow into a position of comfort for the child and sent them to the Emergency Department," Paul Miller, DO, SLV Health Emergency Department Provider, Conejos County Hospital and Trauma Medical Director for CCH.

Later, Dr. Miller found out from some of the SLV Youth Sports organizers that many of them do not have any medical equipment unless a coach personally purchases it.  And in many cases, the youth sports directors do not have access to those resources. 

At this point, Dr. Miller, Julie Ramstetter, RN, SLVH Trauma Program manager, and Donna Wehe, Public Relations, went into action to purchase appropriate first-aid kits along with concussion protocol guideline handouts. 

Dr. Miller and Sarah Gilleland, RN, CCH Trauma nurse coordinator, personally volunteered to deliver them to each program across the valley and provide some basic first-aid care to the coaches.


Pictured above is Dr. Miller with Center Youth Sports Director Susan Gardea. 

The other photos are in Sargent, where he took the time to educate the coaches and students on what is in a basic first-aid kit.