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Amy Oaks, RN, Receives DAISY Award for Nurse Excellence

On a regular, busy day in the work life of Amy Oaks, RN, she was called away from her patients in the SLV Health Cancer Center clinic to report to the Chief Nursing Officer. What was awaiting her was a surprise celebration for the second DAISY award given at SLVH for nursing excellence!

Chair for the DAISY committee, Jennifer Walker, RN, was also busy on the OB floor but found someone to cover for her so she could attend and give a little history of the award.

This was not Amy's first nomination. She already has a pin from being nominated by her patient, Jeffery Leavitt, who shared his story about how helpful Amy was putting him at ease for a complicated infusion. 

Other patients nominated Amy for the second quarter, and Chief Nursing Officer, Roberta Bean, RN, summarized their compliments as she bestowed the award on Amy.

"Amy has just always been a wonderful nurse the entire time we've known her.  She's been kind, professional, helpful, and just all-around a blessing. She came running to help my mother with her port once, knowing she wouldn't want to be in pain or discomfort. She really cares."

"Amy sure can cheer a person up, just by talking to them and she always goes that extra mile for someone and never complains at all..."

Congratulations to Amy Oaks and this quarter's nominees:

Nik Steinrueck, Brandon Garcia, Lindsey Sandoval, Savanna Edgar, Fallon Crowther, Marche DePriest, Nina Crawford, Kerry Rockcastle, Andrea Griego, Anna Montoya, Molly Robertz, and Lexi Hanna.  All of the nominees were recognized by their department leader and awarded a DAISY pin.

For more information on the history of this award or to nominate a nurse, please visit this page, DAISY Nursing Excellence at

Amy is surrounded by the care team at the SLVH Cancer Center helping her celebrate!

Amy is pictured here with her husband Jesse Ward, and her parents, Jody and Floyd Oaks.