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Beds were made possible by donations from SLVH Employees through their annual giving campaign

We're thrilled to announce a significant enhancement in pediatric healthcare at San Luis Valley Health Pediatrics, thanks to our collaboration with Children’s Hospital. This initiative brings specialized care teams directly to our clinic in Alamosa, making advanced and highly specialized healthcare accessible right where it’s needed.

Last week, we welcomed Dr. Joyce Oleszek and the Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine team, along with Dr. Seema Bansal’s Neurology team. This effort provided our families the convenience of specialized care in the familiar setting of their pediatrician’s office, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to healthcare excellence within our community.

A special acknowledgment is due to Kelly Gurule, SLVH Foundation Director, who played a pivotal role in securing funding for two new hydraulic patient beds, significantly enhancing the care experience for our young patients. These beds were made possible by the generous donations from SLVH employees through their annual giving campaign, underscoring the collective effort and spirit of our organization.

We also look forward to hosting the Pediatric Cardiology and Pediatric Development teams from Children’s Hospital in the coming months. These specialists (along with the Rehab and Neurology teams) will visit on a rotating basis, further ensuring that our children have access to the care they need, when they need it.

For inquiries or further details, please reach out to the SLV Health Pediatric office at 719-589-8004. This collaboration with Children’s Hospital, supported by the dedication and generosity of our staff, marks a step forward in providing comprehensive, specialized pediatric care closer to home for the families of the San Luis Valley.