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SLVH's Wisniewski Achieves 340B Expert Designation

Thomas Wisniewski, Director of Pharmacy, San Luis Valley Health, has completed the Apexus Advanced 340B Operations Certificate Program and is now recognized as a 340B Apexus Certified Expert in the 340B Drug Pricing Program.


The 340B Program is a federal drug discount program that permits eligible hospitals, community health centers, and clinics to purchase outpatient prescription drugs at significantly reduced discounts as a way to extend their scarce federal resources within their communities. The program is critical to generating savings for America’s safety-net hospitals to provide programs and services for poor and underserved patients.

“Completing the Advanced 340B Operations Certificate program was a difficult but rewarding accomplishment that will greatly help SLV Health and our patients,” commented Christine Hettinger-Hunt, Chief Operating Officer at SLVH. “The 340B program is incredibly complex. Completing this level of education provides knowledge that is vital to implementing and maintaining a compliant 340B program. Congratulations to Tom for achieving this level of expertise.”

Wisniewski acknowledged that the program was rigorous, and he learned a lot along the way. “Graduating from this program will allow more opportunity to innovate and provide solutions to our team and the community.”