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SLV Health Bumps and Bruises add AED's

board and trainers

Pictured from L to R, Back Row: Jeff Motz, Foundation Board; Aaron Polzin, DC, SLVH; Ashley Voss, SLVH; Sheila Hicks, Foundation Board; Rosalie Martinez, Foundation Board; Delzia Worley, Foundation Board; and Amy McKinley, Foundation Board.

From L to R, Front Row: Joe Stephens, SLVH; Clint Sowards, DO, SLVH; and Lori Laske, Foundation Board.

The San Luis Valley Health Bumps and Bruises Clinic is a service sponsored by SLV Health at no cost to high school student-athletes to address minor injuries and pains.

With the program being so vital to the community, an anonymous donor came forward to financially support equipment needs for the program. The Trainers quickly identified that to serve athletic events throughout the San Luis Valley adequately, they needed Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s) that they could take with them to any game they attended. An AED is a compact medical device that can be used to deliver an electric shock to the heart to restore normal rhythm. These machines will allow athletic trainers to ensure heightened safety for athletes across the San Luis Valley.

The SLVH Foundation board members and SLVH staff are grateful for such a generous donation that will be far-reaching as a benefit to the community.