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How to Apply for Financial Assistance

To learn more about how to apply for Financial Assistance, please call (719) 587-6364.

How It Works

  1. Patient Financial Counselors, Navigators, Customer Service Representatives and other appropriate San Luis Valley Health staff are available to assist patients who would like to apply for Medicaid, CHP+, CICP, Financial Assistance, special grant funding programs, Crime/Reparation Funds, and all other payment sources that may be available.
  2. The staff processing your application will request financial and other information as needed to assist in determining eligibility for assistance.
  3. Staff will use Federal Poverty Level Guidelines up to 250% of the FPL to determine possible eligibility.
  4. Staff will provide patients and/or family with guidance through the application process for the above named programs and financial arrangements.
  5. Write-off adjustments will be made by the appropriate staff.
  6. Once patient responsibility is determined, the appropriate staff will send a statement and make appropriate payment arrangements as per the policy.

Interpretation of Audits Results/Reporting

  1. San Luis Valley Health must document and retain documentation as it pertains to the programs listed in the policy.
  2. San Luis Valley Health must provide internal and external auditors with information pertaining to the above named programs in a timely manner.
  3. Audit results must be reported to the above named governmental programs as required, senior leadership as well as the San Luis Valley Health Operating Board.


  1. EMTALA guidelines.
  2. CICP guidelines located on the State of Colorado website.
  3. Other federal and state agency guidelines as it pertains to Financial Assistance, CICP and Self Pay discounts and collection practices.