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Stephanie L. Miner Women's Imaging Center

The Stephanie L. Miner Women’s Imaging Center is one of San Luis Valley Health’s proudest achievements.

Stephanie L. Miner team in front of the women's imaging center

Named after a valued community member, public school teacher, wife and mother of four who lost her four-year-long battle with breast cancer, the center serves Valley residents with state-of-the-art medical equipment and technology.

The Center is staffed by a team dedicated to and trained in women's health.

Photograph of Stephanie L. MinerStephanie’s Story

One year after delivering her fourth child, Stephanie discovered a lump in her breast. Because there was not a family history of breast cancer, it was thought to be a blocked milk duct from breastfeeding. Unfortunately, Stephanie later discovered that it was breast cancer.

Once diagnosed, Stephanie and her family immersed themselves to learn the most current information on fighting the disease. Stephanie believed the fight against cancer was best waged through an alliance of patients, survivors and professionals.

Stephanie L. Miner represents how important prevention, early detection, and most importantly, regular physician visits are to our community residents.

The fight against this disease must be waged with education, technology, and support.

Annual Stephanie L. Miner Walk

Since 2003, San Luis Valley Health has organized the Stephanie L. Miner Walk, a 5K walk and run to raise funds for the Stephanie L. Miner Imaging Center.

From 2003 to 2006, the funds raised during the walk were used to finance the construction and opening of the Imaging Center. Since then, funds from the walk have helped purchase a digital mammography machine, handicap accessible mammography chairs, gurneys, and other needed equipment. More recently funds raised from the walk were used to purchase a new ultrasound unit to enhance local diagnostic care.

How You Can Help

We welcome support for the Stephanie L. Miner Imaging Center year-round. Please make a donation if you can – every contribution helps.

Donate to the Stephanie L Miner Center

Donate to the Stephanie L. Miner Center

If you would like to sponsor an event or fundraiser on behalf of the Stephanie L. Miner Women’s Imaging Center, please contact our Foundation Director at (719) 587-5707.