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Message from Konnie Martin, CEO, SLV Health

SLV Health prioritizes patient safety and quality of care. Safe and quality care are the top priority at SLV Health. Our hospitals and clinics have made significant changes to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases while caring for patients. As your trusted partner in health since 1927, your health and well-being have been our top priority, especially during these uncertain times. Not only have we been able to safely test, treat, and isolate COVID-19 positive patients, we have sufficiently equipped and re-trained our caregivers and front line staff on proper infection control practices.

Facilities has implemented social distancing in waiting rooms, mask-use in common areas, and limited entrance and exit points. Maintenance staff are regularly conducting deep-cleaning throughout our buildings. Clinicians have also made the painful but necessary decision to place restrictions on visitors, in alignment with CDC guidance. SLVH follows public health regulations and offers COVID-19 and other vaccinations to our employees to help prevent the spread of viruses to our patients, their families, and in our community.

Our caring and dedicated staff have provided exemplary care for all of our patients and are deeply appreciated. We make your safety our priority, and we are proud of our track record. We welcome all of our patients, visitors, and travelers to our safe facilities.

To learn more about COVID-19 in the San Luis Valley, and for the FAQ Page, please follow the link below: