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SLV Health Scores Big at National Health Conference

San Luis Valley Health (SLVH) was recently recognized at the HealthCare Service Excellence Conference, in Phoenix, Arizona, a major health care event recognizing Service Excellence. Janet McGinnis, Director of Radiology, was awarded the 2015 Empowering Manager Summit Award. “Upon hearing the news of my nomination, I was shocked then humbled when I won. This award means so much more to me because I was nominated by my staff,” said Janet, who credits the imaging department for her success in winning the award. “The radiology department supports and helps me; this was definitely not a one person effort. It’s a team effort. I could not be where I am without the support from my staff, other directors, and San Luis Valley Health Senior Team especially Chief Clinical Officer, Patti Thompson.” SLVH was recognized for their patient experience (HCAHPS) scores and how they have noticeably increased over the course of one year from quarter 3 in 2014 to quarter 3 in 2015. Among these improvements included Breakthrough Awards where SLVH received the Gold Award in Communication with Nurses, Communication about Medicines, Transition of Care, Overall Rating and Recommendation of the Hospital.

SLV Health Conference attendees receiving awards at HealthCare Service Excellence Conference

Other Achievements included the Diamond award in Responsiveness to Staff; which saw an increase in the hospital’s rating from 67% to 80%; and Pain Management, which resulted in an increase from 74% to 85%. The Hospital also received Bronze, Emerald and Ruby Awards in other categories of patient ranked experiences. Two bronze, six gold, five emerald, three ruby and two diamond awards were received overall. Also nominated from SLVH was Kyle Crawford, EMS, for Exceptional Employee and Enrico Versace, MD, for Customer Focused Physician /Provider.

attendees receiving awards

Pictured: Janet McGinnis (right) receives her award from Marisa Fricke (left), Service Excellence Program Director at SLV Health