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2016 Summit Awards

On Tuesday January 10th, SLV Health celebrated its 2nd Annual Summit Awards celebrating the service throughout the year of 2016.

ASU President Dr. Beverlee McClure addresses the audience; congratulating them on their achievements in providing exceptional care and encourages staff that despite the many challenges they may face to keep following their passion for healthcare.

The winners from each category were announced at the luncheon. Winners are pictured below with other finalists of that category who also received a certificate. 

In her closing remarks, CEO Konnie Martin addressed the staff: "Your work matters. Your service changes the world one patient at a time. Your smile and positive attitude connect you in a manner more profound than you may ever be able to understand. I congratulate you on your service and ma honored to celebrate your achievements. In closing, I want to leave you with a quote I came across - 'I am not going to tell you that your work will be easy...but, I am going to tell you that it will be worth it.' Thank you."

exceptional employees

Exceptional Employee: Randi Martinez with nominees Kim Duran and Laura Dominguez

Patti Thompson

Inspiring Administrator: Patti Thompson

exceptional nurses

Exceptional Nurse: Winners Nina Harmsen and Heather Haefeli pictured with nominees Morgan Elsworth, Monica Hinds, Colleen Kaiser, Andrea DeHererra, Michelle Ramirez-Smith, Merisa Armstrong, Felicia Durnham and Misty Palacios.

patient focused providers

Patient-Focused Provider: Dr. Pilapitiya with Nominee Amy Cheatwood-Johnston


SEA: Tiffany Lovato and nominee Damian Espinoza

SEA Team

SEA Team: Victorious Secret

Oasis team

Oasis Team: Employee Engagement

super coaches

Super Coach: Mary Rice and nominees Marie Henderson and Audrey Reich-Loy

empowering managers

Empowering Manager: Michelle Gay with nominees Audrey Reich-Loy, Justin Fricke, JoAnna Lucero and Janet McGinnis

Dorothy BrandtThe ceremony culminated with a heartfelt thank you from World War II Veteran Dorothy Brandt. She shared with the group the many changes of healthcare she has witnessed and how thankful she is for the care and services SLV Health provides to the valley. Dorothy is a founding member of the SLV Health Clinic Patient and Family Advisory Council, chairman of the Board of Trustees for the SLV Museum and an untiring activist for Veteran issues. 


We would also like to congratulate all Honorary Service Nominees and Finalists!

Thank you to those who took the time to submit a nomination!

Full list of Summit Award Nominees