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SLV Health Sports Medicine and PRO Therapy Provide Physicals and Much More to Local Community

SLV Health provided over 535 free sports physicals to a variety of Valley high school students this past spring and summer. The team traveled to the schools and the athletic directors reported that about 75% of all of their student-athletes received physicals. 

Ashely Voss, SLVH Certified Athletic Trainer, coordinated the outreach to the schools and student-athletes. She commented, “Our providers saw over 500 individuals in five different locations over the course of six different engagements. While the majority of the students were cleared, the screens helped identify some athletes who needed follow up care with their primary care physician or other specialists.  Some of these findings included heart conditions, head injuries, previous trauma, unexplained syncope episodes and orthopedic injuries. The physicals took a bit longer than in past years, but parents and students told me they thought it was thorough and worth the wait.”

While this screening is convenient for parents, coaches, and students, the best practice is to also schedule an annual wellness visit with a provider each year.  Community outreach opportunities allow the child to develop a relationship of trust with a provider where they can discuss their concerns as well as have learning windows about the many safety issues facing teenagers, including vaccinations.

SLV Health is providing free baseline imPACT testing to all student-athletes through their concussion program.  Each student receives a report which they can share with their respective provider or athletic trainer.  SLV Health’s Pediatrician, Dr. Pence, is a credentialed ImPACT consultant.

 The team from Sports Medicine and PRO Therapy have also been providing $20 physicals to ASU and TSJC athletes. The money collected is donated back to the training room to improve equipment and facilities.

SLV Health staff welcomes these opportunities to educate Valley residents on the importance of preventive care, wellness visits, and overall health.  Dr. Carissa Tripi is the Medical Director for Sports Medicine and Joe Stephens is the Director for Therapy Services.  Their teams plus over 30 staff members across several departments provided outreach to the community including Dr. DeHerrera, Elisa Mullikin, Katherine O’Donnell, Dr. Pence, Dr. Voutsalath, Brendan Simenc, Tish Hollingsworth, Dr. Clint Sowards, Brian Jackson, and Kalee Chavez-Miller

screening student

Kalee Chavez-Miller helps screen students.

Taylor screening a student

Taylor Bond assists with the student screenings.

Julia screening an athlete

Julia Veseth, PT, DPT, is part of the team screening student-athletes.

Ben screening a student

Ben Hendriks, PT, MTC, helps screen high school athletes.

Elisa screening a student

Elisa Mullikin, PA-C, assists with screening the students.

Tish screens students

Tish Hollingsworth, PA-C, ATC, CAQ, adds her expertise to the sports physical event.