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Wehe singers bring 'A Vintage Christmas'

The atrium of San Luis Valley Health in Alamosa was filled song and high spirits on Sunday, Dec. 15, when the Sandie Wehe Studio Singers performed their program “A Vintage Christmas.” Gold and black decorations in the theme of the Roaring Twenties complemented the sparkly gold and black attire the singers wore.

The group not only sang a selection of holiday tunes, but also danced and performed to the music as well.

The Sandie Wehe Studio Singers perfrom at SLV Health on Sunday, December 15, 2019.

The Sandie Wehe Studio Singers perform at SLV Health on Sunday, December 15, 2019.

This is the third year the studio singers have performed a fundraiser at SLV Health in Alamosa during the holiday season, and the money raised goes towards a project of the student’s choosing. This year, $10,000 was raised to purchase supplies for pediatric distraction kits, to be distributed throughout the SLV Health hospitals and clinics.

The kits are designed to ease the anxiety of pediatric patients by distracting the child and encourage relaxation, with the goal to be managing the patient’s discomfort. They will include pinwheels to blow on and encourage deep breathing, vibration units in the shape of a bee to distract from routine medical procedures and decrease needle pain, and visual distractions such as virtual reality goggles.

“This was such an enjoyable event, and we are blessed that the Sandie Wehe Studio Singers chose SLV Health to support with their music,” said Kelly Gurule, director of the SLV Health Foundation. “With this support, we’ll soon be able to provide even more comfort to our youngest patients.”