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Heersink Named Director of IT at SLV Health

San Luis Valley Health welcomes Brian Heersink as the Director of Information Technology (IT) as they bring the call center back “in house.” In 2010, SLV Health contracted for IT services with a company named CareTech, based in Michigan. Since that time, CareTech was purchased by a larger company, which changed their business model and brought several pros and cons to SLV Health’s strategic alignment. In 2018, it was decided to not renew with CareTech and instead focus on expanding the SLV Health IT department internally.  All of the current locally contracted CareTech employees became SLV Health employees, in addition to creating three new positions to fill the call center needs.

Since 2010, Brian has been the System Administrator at SLV Health.  He previously worked as System Administrator in Higher Education in Oklahoma for 11 years, and before that was a farmer in North Texas during the summers. Brian is a native of the SLV and graduated from Sangre de Cristo High School. He is married to Angela and they have two daughters whom he loves to spend time with. When he’s not working, he likes to fly fish in solitude, smoke meat, hang out with his dad and fix stuff, and study theology and human behavior. His goals for his new role are to lead a team with a fresh and positive attitude that emphasizes customer service and ensures that SLVH is using technology to its fullest potential.