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SLV Health Anesthesia Services and Eric Weed Voted Best Site/Instructor

Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah, once again showed their appreciation to the Anesthesia Department at SLV Health at their annual graduation ceremony.Eric Weed at SLV Health's Regional Medical Center  SLV Health was awarded the Clinical Site of the Year by a vote from the students. For the second year in a row, SLV Health Anesthetist Eric Weed was voted the CRNA Clinical Instructor of the Year.

James Stimpson, CRNA, DNP, is the Director of the MSNA program and had this to say about the partnership.  “We have enjoyed a partnership with San Luis Valley Regional Medical Center for almost ten years and it has always been of our students’ favorite clinical sites to go to. Our students are able to obtain clinical experience in a very busy rural health care facility that affords them a wide variety of cases with a diverse patient population. The hospital staff and anesthesia department are well-known for going out of their way to make the students feel comfortable and supported during their rotation away from home. With 42 clinical sites in 12 states, it's a great honor for us to be able to recognize San Luis Valley RMC as our number one requested site, which also provides the opportunity for our students to work with our number one rated Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, Eric Weed. We are very grateful to SLV RMC and the community of Alamosa for giving us this opportunity.