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Meet Mike Mondoux, Director of Facilities, SLVH


As you can guess from his accent, Mike spent most of his life in New England. Then he went to California, Texas, and recently, he and Barbara moved to Santa Fe, NM. He has owned seafood restaurants in the past, so ask him for his “chowda” recipe. Mike was also an electrician and has a lot of experience in healthcare facility management. He is amazed at the friendliness and teamwork in the SLVH organization. For fun, he likes sports, especially hunting, fishing, and golf. He has five children and three grandchildren. His work philosophy is to be “100% survey-ready every day,” in order to create a culture of safety and compliance. He wants to continue to develop leaders within his departments and expects all of his team will take pride in creating excellence in customer service and first impressions. He has already implemented daily rounding with team members to accomplish these goals. Welcome, Mike, to SLV Health and the San Luis Valley!