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Community Supports Healthcare Workers With Gift Card Donations

SLV Health House Supervisor Bryan Garcia holds one of the gift cards and certificates handed out to employees during the holiday season as part of the 19 Days of Christmas.

From December 15 through January 2, healthcare employees at SLV Health received a surprise – a gift card to a local business, thanks to the generosity of individuals and businesses in the San Luis Valley.

The project – called the 19 Days of Christmas – started as a way to reward all the hard work the employees have done during the unique times of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the community was asked to donate gift cards from local businesses to be passed along to the employees. In a matter of just a few weeks, more than 700 gift cards totaling more than $20,000 were collected – enough for every employee at SLV Health to receive one.

The cards reflected all the diverse independently owned and managed businesses in the San Luis Valley, and whose locations reached through every corner, from as far south as Antonito and Manassa to the west in Del Norte and to the east in Fort Garland.

Between Dec. 15 and Jan. 2, a drawing was held every day where the names of dozens of employees at a time were selected, and the cards were then hand-delivered to the employees.

“Working with the community during the unprecedented time of COVID showed me how strong and supportive everyone is towards our healthcare employees,” said Konnie Martin, Chief Executive Officer for San Luis Valley Health. “But even with that knowledge, I was amazed and humbled with the outpouring of generosity that the gift card donations showed. Thanks to everyone for all of your support, and for putting your trust in the employees of SLV Health.”